The Truth About High Refresh Rate Displays

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High refresh rate displays are one of the latest smartphone trends this year. Never have I thought a feature that used to be exclusive to gaming PCs would arrive to our smartphones. Razor Phone 2 was the first-ever device to feature a 120hz panel. Following that there have been many devices with refresh rates varying from 90 to even 144hz. For those who are not aware of what a 120hz display is, it is a measure of the number of times each pixel of the display gets updated to display an image. 120hz means that the screen gets updated 120 times per second and so forth. What’s the advantage of high refresh rates you ask? Essentially it lowers latency and makes the display feel more fluid and reduces motion blur. In other words it makes the display more responsive and snappier. The drawback is that it will eat more out of your battery and add more load to your CPU.

Now comes the question do I need a phone with a high refresh rate?

At the moment there isn’t a single answer to this question. 60hz used to be the standard for mobile displays until the arrival of high refresh rate ones. The is an over hype surrounding those displays that they are the next big thing. It’s true having a high refresh rate device has own it’s perks but not to the extent where it is the single most influential factor to upgrade to a new phone. This is because at the moment we won’t notice a difference in performance between a 60hz and 144hz display during regular usage.

The reason being that most apps out there are still capped at 60hz. You might have the hardware to run at high refresh rates but what’s the use if the software doesn’t allow you to do so. And some may argue that it is gaming that high refresh rate matters and they are right. But unfortunately most of the biggest gaming titles like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are still capped in 60fps. There are a few titles out there that can utilize the 120hz displays but is it worth it though?

This is not to say that high refresh rates on smartphones are pointless or worthless. In fact the future of displays might be 120hz. The reason why 120hz seems pointless is because of the fact that third-party applications doesn’t support them. So theoretically in the future the might be optimized adapt to the refresh rate of the device. This is where high refresh rates will become more relevant. My final verdict is that high refresh rates are indeed the future but not yet.

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