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Nowadays, in our daily life, we use Android phones and iPhones. Do you know what an Android phone is and what an iPhone is? What is the difference between Android and iPhone? What are the similarities of both operating systems? In this article, we are trying to find answers to these questions. Both are operating systems that have a crucial role in all updates going on Android and iOS. The operating systems manage the smartphone memory and processes. It also controls all of its software and hardware. Let’s check some interesting facts about the iOS and Android.

What is iOS

Apple introduced the first-generation iPhone in 2007. It is the second-most used mobile operating system in the world. The iOS is just behind the Android operating system in the world. Apple developed the iOS operating system for mobile services. iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other Apple mobile devices use the iOS operating system.

What is Android

The first commercial Android smartphone launched in September 2008. It is Google that introduced the Android operating system for mobile phones. Now the Android operating system is used on smart TVs, Android Auto, and smartwatches.

Android is based on the Linux kernel. It is widely used by touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones. 75% of mobile users have Android.

Similarities of iOS and Android

Considering the similarities of iOS and Android, their basic functions are the same. Both the iOS and Android phones offer video chat, maps, calling, messaging, web browsing, voice commands storing data, etc. The user interfaces of both operating systems are approximately the same. It gives the facilities like swiping, tapping, pinch and zoom, etc.

Both operating systems have a status bar. It provides information like time, app notifications, battery life, wifi, etc. iOS and Android devices support 4G cellular networks. Cellular networks are essential at this time. iOS and Android give priority to privacy settings.

Differences of iOS and Android

iOS is a closed operating system, while Android is more open. iOS does not give any system permission. Android is open source. So developers can modify and customize the OS. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG etc, use Android software. So there is a chance of poor quality in cheaper phones. Apple does not compromise on the qualities. Users can download Android applications from Google play store while iOS applications from the Apple app store. Apple iOS integrates with other devices than Google Android. The voice assistant of iOS is Siri. The name of the voice assistant of Android is Google assistant. Google Assistant is better than Siri. The performance of Android devices sometimes decreases over time, while iphone does not have such problems.

These are the main differences and similarities between the popular operating system.

Android and IOS are keen to introduce the latest technology to the common man’s life. The coming of smartphones changed the world a lot. Smartphones are useful in every field like learning, working and entertainment.

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