Upcoming Technology In The Smartphone Industry

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There are a lot of anticipations about technologies using in the upcoming smartphone in 2021. Smartphones are the most rapidly growing industry, and the most innovative ideas and technologies are coming through the smartphone.  Technologies are making our life easy and effortless. Nowadays everything like entertainment, learning or shopping are at our fingertips. Our approach towards learning, working and entertainment everything completely changed by the coming of the smartphone. There are vigorous competitions between the smartphone manufacturers to introduce the most innovative finding an affordable price. The techno world hopes 2021 will propel the smartphone evolution.  Now let’s check the most exciting upcoming technology in the smartphone industry.

1.Gimbal stabilization

Gimbal stabilization is a innovation coming in the field of cameras. This system uses three axes of rotation to keep a camera steady via three internal motors. It prevents unintended camera motion and uses algorithms to identify when the camera is being moved intentionally, making for smooth moving shots. Vivo has already included this technology in the latest X50 Pro smartphone. This technology will increase the stabilization while recording videos.

2.Under screen selfie cameras

The other latest feature expecting this year is under-screen selfie cameras. The companies are hiding the camera under the display. So there is no notch or punch-hole cut-out. The handset will be bezel-less. We can enjoy the bezel-less full-screen experience. OPPO and Xiaomi are gearing up to launch smartphones with under screen selfie cameras. This innovative idea will improve photography as well as applications in augmented reality.

3.Ultra-fast wireless charging

In 2020, the smartphone industry introduced wireless fast charging technology. The world is expecting more up-gradation in this field in 2021 also. Smartphones like Xiaomi as well as OPPO come to the market with the Ultra-fast wireless charging setup. It will help to charge the devices without any cables. We can charge more devices at a time from the self-developed isolated charging pile. The device can be charged even as the user walks around the room with the device. OPPO charges a 4,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes.

4.Foldable displays 

Smartphones with foldable displays are already in the market. But it was available on premium smartphones. Flexible displays use the OLED technology found in iPhone 11 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro. Now smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, OPPO, and Vivo will launch affordable handsets this year.

5.Colour changing back panels

We can change the back glass color of a smartphone with the touch of a button. The smartphone is using electrochromic glass to make the color-changing trick possible. It is practicable by passing electric voltage across Electrochromic glass. Recently Vivo has demoed such an innovation. According to the report, Vivo will launch a smartphone with a color-changing back panel in 2021.

6.Sturdy screen glass

Manufacturers are searching to find out a solution to prevent the damaging of smartphone glasses. Scratches and breakage are the main issues facing smartphone users. So handset display glass has upgraded over the years to become stronger. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is considered to be the strongest and most protective glass protection, but there is a long way to go. More innovations are expected in this area in the coming years.

7.Smaller notch

The smartphone companies are trying to make notch sizes smaller. The techno world is expecting that iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch. The smaller notch helps to make space for a bigger and better display. There are two options on how the company will make it possible. One says to reduce the width of the notch, and the other says to make it shorter.  So to attain a notch-less display, the company may integrate the flood illuminator sensor and dot projector in a single unit, which will be useful for the famed Facial recognition system.

Many things that we thought were impossible until ten years ago have already happened. Every smartphone comes out with unexpected innovations. The new many ideas and creations are being developed in research centers around the world. Let us wait for more user-friendly and affordable smartphones.

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