First Developer Preview Of Android Q Released

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After various leaks and rumours, now the tech giant Google has now released the first developer preview of the latest version of Android operating system i.e. Android Q. Well, the Android Q is completely focused on the privacy and security of the users and the developers of the upcoming operating system also tried to improve the photography department of a smartphone. So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the article to check out all the new features of the first developer preview of Android Q.

New option for accent colours and theme

The demand for the different accent colour is there from a long time and now the developers of the operating system finally heard that and with the new beta, version user can able to choose between four accent colours default green, blue, black, and purple. Now it also allows to use new theme section and with three options accent colour, headline/body font, and icon shape, which means now you can able to change things according to your wish and mood. Furthermore, now in the upcoming version, you can also change fonts from Google Sans Font, to Noto Serif (headers) and Source Sans Pro (body).

Sharing Wi-Fi with QR codes

If your friend or the guest wants to access your Wi-Fi network then now with the latest version of Android you don’t need to spell your password, because you can share the Wi-Fi with QR code. All you have to do is just select the network which you want to share then click the share icon and verify your device passcode, then you will get a unique QR code, just show up that and your friend can use your Wi-Fi network by scanning it.

More Privacy controls

The developers of this operating system have tightened the privacy, that means users will get more access to privacy control. Now with the latest beta build, you will get several options such as file-based encryption, camera/mic access blocked in background, permission to access sensitive areas on applications, runtime permission and more.

That’s not all, now users will get more controls over the location. Till now, we have location options for apps like turn on and off. But with the latest builds, the team behind Android Q offers the extra option of allowing location to the foreground app, not the background one. Thanks to this feature because it will stop using the GPS unnecessary while the app is in the background.

Dynamic Depth

The demand for bokeh effect is increasing day by day, and the smartphone manufacturers implementing the feature in the camera department to give the best portrait shots. Well, now the developers of the Mountain View company has added the control over the depth of field in the photography and this will give depth map from JPG and XMP image format, which will give a clear map about the focused and the not-focused area of a particular image.

Optimization for Foldable Display

Well, this year is totally dedicated for the foldable devices, we witnessed for lots of concepts and showcases of various brands at the recently concluded MWC 2019. Furthermore, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung and Chinese brand Huawei also unveiled the foldable devices at the event. Now Google has optimized the foldable set up with the latest version of Android build various areas such as dual resolution conversation, multi-display typing and more.

New shortcuts for sharing

With the developer build of Android Q, Google now allows users to customize shortcuts to share something to a particular set of persons and apps. The feature will be handy to share contents with our colleagues.

Pop-up Settings

Google introduced the pop-up settings window, which will allow users to get access to the needful options such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, display, etc. without keeping the using of the app in the background.

Dark Mode

In Android 9.0 we have dark theme option in the settings and now the company has gone one step ahead by ditching the option from the setting in the beta builds of Android Q. If you enabled the option when you install Android Q beta version then you will have the option system-wide that will be more attractive and it’s Google’s attempt to set that feature as native option.

Other features

  • Battery icon on always-on display is now placed at the upper right corner.
  • Now you can able to see the estimated battery in the quick settings.
  • Now the notch and round corners will be visible in the screenshot.
  • The latest build gives more control on the swiping right on notifications.
  • The device will show a little notification Bell right next to the notification to show which notification has ringed.
  • The developers now added the emergency button in the power menu.
  • Google has revised the material theme across the new operating system.

So, these are the important features of the first Android Q Beta. There are a lot of new features for both users as well as developers, which you can read by heading over the link. If you are a Pixel user then try out all these latest features, head over to this link and follow the instructions.

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