Android 9.0 Pie Is Now Official; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Just a couple of days ago, Google rolled out the final beta version of Android P and we also came through a report which suggested that the company will announce the latest version of the Android for August 20. Well, it seems that the Mountain View company Google don’t want to keep it till the end of this month, as the company has officially announced the new version of the Android operating system and revealed its name, the latest version of Android will be called as Android 9.0 Pie. The new version of the Android is backed by the Artificial Intelligence (AI), which means the company will serve some really awesome stuff in the new taste of Android.

Having said that, Google announced the new version of Android early than the previous versions of Android. Google usually announce the new version of the Android operating system in the last week of the August month. Well, now let’s check out all the new features of the new Android 9.0 Pie.

New Features Of Android 9.0 Pie

Android 9.0 Pie Is Now Official; Here's Everything You Need To Know

Adaptive Battery: This feature uses the machine learning and it understands the usage of a user and gives importance to the battery power on the applications and services which a user use mostly. Which means with this feature, the users will get more power and it is a really handy feature for those who travel a lot.

Adaptive Brightness: It understands the brightness level which a user prefer according to his or her surroundings, and automatically adjust the brightness of the device. Again this is a great addition as it will save the battery consumption as well as the strain on the user’s eyes.

App Slices: With this feature, Google will give information about a particular app which a user search. For a demo, if you search distance between your location to some other place, then this feature will give information of app which gives you the service of a taxi and information about fair and more.

App Actions: This is another stuff which is powered by the artificial intelligence, as it first understands the usage pattern of a user and then starts suggesting the users next action when he or she open an application or go through any service.

New Gesture Navigation: With this, Google ditches the traditional back, home, and recent apps keys, and gives a new way to navigate through the device. In the new Android 9.0, you will see a single pill-shaped home button which will allow you can tap to go home, swipe right to access recent apps, and swipe up to access the app drawer.

Smart Text Selection: Well, this is not a new feature for an Android user as it is already available on previous Android versions. But in Android 9.0 this is really smart, as users don’t need to actually open an app to select a word from a webpage. As in the new version of the operating system you can do this from recent apps itself.

Digital Wellbeing: The Digital Wellbeing is Google’s efforts to reduce the smartphone addiction, as we know these days usage of smartphone increased a lot especially between the teenagers and Google now wants to reduce this. That’s why the company has introduced multiple features to manage the usage of a user in the banner of Digital Wellbeing. You can read more by heading over the link.

Security & Privacy Features: The new version of Android brings lots of new security as well as the privacy features to keep the user’s data safe.

Redesigned Always-on-display: Android 9.0 comes with redesigned always-on-display and it now shows the battery percentage and the notification which has also been centered in the ambient display.

New Volume Shortcuts: The new version of the operating system also brings the new volume shortcuts and its implemented in a new hardware button combo to quickly silence your ringer.

New Designing Setup: The developers of the Google has updated the designing setup in the new Android 9.0 and now Setting to the notifications Shade has been refreshed.

How To Get The Android 9.0 Pie?

The new version of Android is started to rolling out to the first and second generation of Pixel devices through the Over The Air (OTA) and it will also reach to all the devices which are part of the Android P beta program by the end of this fall.

So, what’s your thought about the name and the features of the new version of the Android??? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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