Google Announces Name Of Android Q, Along With New Logo

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We are in the month of August and that means we are just a couple of days away from the official announcement of the new Android version. The company already rolled out the final beta version of the upcoming operating system and it’s known as Android Q. The entire mobile industry and fans were excited to know the name of the upcoming Android version, as the company follows the tradition of giving deserts name to its versions.

However, today the Mountain View company Google has announced the name of the upcoming Android version and also changed the tradition of the naming setup. The company announced that it will now stick on the numbers instead of a name, and the upcoming Android version will be dubbed as Android 10.

Which means now we will get Android 10, Android 11 next and so on. The company explains that number will help people to remember instead of the name and they also says that the names of the desert were not matched the each and every region of the world.

Furthermore, the company has also launched the new logo of Android. Google has adopted modern wordmark along with a new color scheme for the most popular Android logo. With the latest design change, there’s only the head of the robot instead of the complete body and the company also change the color scheme as now, it has blueish-green. And for this, the company says that the new color will help people to view the logo without any issues, as the previous makes difficult to the color blinds.

The Android 10 is expected to unveil by the end of this month, and if you are unaware about the features of the upcoming Android operating system then head over the link. By the way, do let us know your thoughts about the new name and logo in the comments section below!

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