Telegram Introduces Passport Secure Way To Store Important Documents

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Telegram is another most popular instant messaging application and it has lots of handy features which even cannot find on the world’s most favourite messenger i.e. WhatsApp. Well, today the developers of Telegram has introduced a new feature called Passport and this feature is another handy feature on the messaging application to make life easier. As this feature will allow users to securely store and share the important documents like licence and other types of ID proof.

The all new Passport is actually a “unified authorization method for the services that require personal information”. Which means this feature will allow users to store and share your identification documents such as license, Aadhaar, and passport with other services in a secure way. Having said that, this feature is very much handy in our day-to-day life. As it eliminates the need to upload and scan copy every time and carry it to share whenever it requires.

It is worth to mention that all the documents which you upload in the Telegram will be will be saved on its cloud. However, it does not mean that the data is not safe as the Telegram cloud has the end-to-end encryption. Moreover, the company has said that the data of the new Telegram Passport will be moved to the de-centralized cloud to avoid any kind of unwanted issues.

Having said that, the new Passport is currently supported with the but we can expect that more services will be added in the support list of the Passport in near future. You can check out the sample created by the company to understand how the new feature will work.

How to upload documents in the Telegram Passport

You can upload your documents by heading to the Settings > Privacy & Security > Telegram Passport.

So, what are you waiting for??? Update the app and use the new feature and make your life easier.

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