Indian Government Revises Rules Governing Social Media Companies To Protect The Constitutional Rights Of Indian Citizens

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India imposed new laws on social media firms on Monday, making no modifications but saying that the law was needed because the corporations had breached Indians’ fundamental rights.

Last week, the country unveiled a draft of reforms to its IT law that would force firms to “respect the rights provided to citizens under the constitution of India” and create a government tribunal to hear appeals of content moderation decisions made by companies.

The administration re-released the document on Monday, unchanged, and asked for public feedback within 30 days. New Delhi, on the other hand, expressed its argument for the first time.

The government declared, without naming any companies or specific rights, that “a number of (technology) Intermediaries have operated in breach of constitutional rights of Indian citizens.”

Many Big Tech companies have strained relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, and New Delhi has tightened control of companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Last year, tensions between India’s government and Twitter erupted after the latter refused to fully comply with instructions to remove accounts that the government claimed were spreading false information about particular farmer demonstrations.

In India, Twitter has been chastised for suspending accounts of powerful people, including politicians, citing policy violations.

The government’s proposal would require businesses to “take all necessary means to guarantee that its services are accessible to consumers, as well as a fair expectation of due diligence, privacy, and openness.”

The government defended the planned new appellate authority, claiming that social media corporations lacked such a mechanism and that “no credible self-regulatory mechanism in place.”

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