Samsung Debuted The Next-gen The Wall MicroLED TV

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  • The TV features 8K resolution
  • It comes with a gigantic screen
  • It has a high refresh rate



The tech company has launched the latest version called The Wall microLED TV. The TV is introduced in Korea and a few selected countries across the world. The TV comes with 8K resolution, 1,000 inches and a higher display refresh rate.

Features of Samsung The Wall MicroLED TV

The big display of the latest Samsung TV features over 1,000 inches. Moreover, the resolution is 16K. It is a modular display and the company has included a 120Hz display refresh rate. The slimmer TV is useful for businesses to showcase their content. It sports greater color clarity and easy installation. It supports a retooled and improved Micro AI processor. It optimizes videos for better content upscaling and removes noise from videos. The company provides Black Seal and Ultra Chroma technologies to output more compelling videos. Besides, it also packs Eye Comfort mode, HDR10+, and implements wireless docking connections.

The 2021 Samsung Wall microLED TV is convenient to install in many places. The microLED panel is easy to fix in ceilings and other places. The company is trying to create an unforgettable experience to the customers for the businesses that may deploy the Wall microLED TV. The device gives a dynamic display projecting the core values of excellence and satisfaction. The cutting-edge and new designs give the best picture quality and an overall immersive experience for the users.

It is available in the selected global markets. There is no information about the price of the Samsung 2021 The Wall microLED TV. The list of the market that the device launched is not available.

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