Google Now Want Standard In Android TV

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The Android TV is getting more and more popular in every region of the world and people loving it. It is also said that the Android TV is used by 10 Millions of users across the globe. Well, now the Mountain View company Google has reportedly said that they are working on minimum requirements for the hardware.

Shalini Govil-Pai, senior director of product management for Android TV, told that the company now wants to set hardware standards that manufacturers have to follow. It is also clarified that the company wasn’t abandoning the lower end price bracket, but did not mentioned any specification or requirements for the hardware.

Moreover, it is also said that Google has formed a team to bring new and popular applications to the platform of the Android TV and we hope that the company will able to bring lots of quality applications and games in this year to the platform.

Well, this is really a good step by the tech giant Google as every product must have a minimum standard of hardware and as the company is now building its hardware presence. It is their responsibility to give quality products to the users who believe and trust on the brand, I appreciate the new move of Google and we would like to hear your thoughts in the comment sections below!

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