How To Reset Appearance Of Character In PUBG Mobile

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The PUBG Mobile is the most popular game on the Smartphones and its the one of the most played Battle Royale games on the smartphones. If a user starts to play the game he or she gets attracted and the game starts of with the in-game character. Well, the best thing of the platform is a user can able to customize the character according to his or her own style. So, if you are the PUBG Mobile fan and want to change the appearance of your character, then this guide will help you and I will explain the steps which will help you to reset character appearance in the PUBG Mobile.

How To Reset Appearance In PUBG Mobile

When you launch the game, follow the steps.

  • Before you proceed, you have to make sure that have a few BP in your account, and you have to keep at least 3,000 BP so that you can change the appearance of the character by using the available BP. Having said that, the BP is actually the in-game currency and that can be used to purchase stuff from the store.
  • Now head to the Main menu, and tap Inventory.
  • Under that, tap the Reset Appearance at the top.

Well, in this section you can able to customize the character or change the gender and the total appearance of your character with the cost of BP. And if you are running out of BP? Then you can able earn BP by playing matches. You can also earn BP by linking your account to Facebook or Twitter, completing tasks in the game, unlock crates to earn BP, and more.

So, start customizing your character and play the game in your get up and style.

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