5 Ways To Run Your Smartphone Faster

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The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day, and in our market, we can see a new smartphone almost in every day with new features and specifications. However, a majority of users face a common issue and that is slow down of the device after a certain period of time. Well, this is the problem of the specification and usage style, which means the device which has low specifications and the heavy usage makes it difficult to work in a proper way, that’s why it makes the device slow and heat. So in this article, I will guide you to run your smartphone faster.

Clear Cached Files

The applications which you download on your device or whenever you browse the internet using the browser app of your device, create the cache files in the memory of your smartphone. And those cache files consumes lots of space which results in the device to run slow. So removing the cache files from your device will give you some extra space and in this way, you can use the device a bit faster. You can able to remove cache files by heading to the Settings app of the device and select Storage, now select internal storage and tap on the Cache files, now you will see a popup just tap OK to delete all the cache files from your device.

Remove Heavy Apps

If you are a user of low-end smartphone and using heavy applications like games, then it is a situation like you are forcing a small kid to do weightlifting. Which means the low-end devices could not able to handle heavy weight application, so you should uninstall all the heavy apps from your device to use the device without any lags.

Remove Media Files

Media files are another factor of making a device slow, all the images which you receive from your instant messaging applications save in your device and it consumes space and finally, your device slows down and heats up. So, you guys should clean the unwanted media files on the regular basis to avoid lags and heats on your device.

Clear Data on Apps

Clearing app data will bring a huge space in the memory of your device, application like Facebook consumes huge space by catching the files and other data. To clear data of application you need to head to the Settings app of your device and tap Apps and then select an application then tap Clear Data.

Disable Pre-loaded Apps

Every smartphone comes with pre-loaded applications, even if a stock Android smartphone, will have applications of Google, which you may not use like Play Games or Play Movies. So disable these applications to avoid it to run in the background and consume the energy and memory of your device. To disable application you need to go to the Settings and select Apps, then tap on an application which you want to disable and hit the disable button.

So, these are the tips to run your smartphone faster. If you have any kind of doubt then drop in the comments section below, I will be happy to help you.

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