Telegram Updated With New Handy Features

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Telegram the popular and the rivalry instant messaging application of WhatsApp, it has a great user base and the application enjoys many advanced features when we compared to to the WhatsApp. Well, today the developers of the Telegram instant messaging application updated and packs with new features which are very handy.

The latest version 5.80 of its iOS and Android app that adds several useful new features such as People Nearby and Location-Based Chats.

With the People Nearby feature, both the users need to enable this mode and both will become visible to one another. Then you can able to tap on their name to exchange contact info. Furthermore, now you add new contact directly from the chat, if you receive a message from the unsaved number.

It also features a new location-based groups, and this will allow you to create a local group that works in a small area for neighbors, co-workers or students. Once you create the group, people will be able to see it on their device and join. The latest version of the messenger also allows transferring the ownership of a group to some other one which means if you don’t want to continue in a group which was created by yourself then you can transfer your admin privilege to the next one who can able to manage that particular group.

That’s not all, the developers also updated the notification area of the app. Now you can toggle message previews for specific chats.

Moreover, iOS users also gets the Siri Shortcuts to directly open chats and also shows theme previews as you choose them.

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