Spotify Lite Launched For Android

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The tech giants and app developers giving huge importance to the users who have low-end devices and limited internet connectivity, that resulted in lots of applications on the Google Play Store. Well, now the popular music streaming platform Spotify has launched its own lite application on the Google Play Store

Spotify Lite supports both the premium and free version of services and the application will also allow you to perform the basic features such as searching for artists, discovering new music, and support for the playlists. Furthermore, the app will also allow to control data consumption.

With the lite version of the app, the company now wants to grow the audience base in the developing countries and it also wants to attract the users who use low-end devices. If we look from the point of customers, this is really good because people who cannot able to sustain on the unlimited internet connections or afford high-end devices will definitely feel joy with the new application because they can also move according to their favourite beats.

Speaking about the availability of the new application. It will be available in 36 countries across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

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