OnePlus 8T Is Launching With New Features

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    • OnePlus 8T is launching with colour changing back panel
    • The device has equipped with the mmWave radar system
    • The radar system uses to track the gesture


The OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone giant, has introduced next generation technology through the latest smartphone named OnePlus 8T. Now have a look into the latest features of the coming up OnePlus 8T smartphone.

OnePlus 8T has been launched with a colour-changing film that is not seen in any other device. The colour-changing film is visible under the back glass. It is metal oxide. It’s colour changes according to the voltage variation.

The another main feature offered by the company is the mmWave radar system. The electromagnetic waves have been transmitted and received by the radar system. The smartphone company is reporting that the colour changing setup is useful for the notification system. The radar system uses to track the gesture. It is embedded below the camera of a smartphone.

These are the latest specifications of the OnePlus 8T that have come out. Now let’s wait for more information about the new device in the coming days.


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