Google Released Android 10; Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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As expected, today the Mountain View company Google has released the latest and much-anticipated Android 10 operating system. With the new version of Android, the company has dropped the naming scheme as till now we were familiar with the desert name for the version of Android. The latest version also focuses on privacy as well as brings many other factors which were in demand from a very long time such as dark mode and more. So, without making any delay let’s dive into the article to check out the complete details of the all new Android 10.

More Privacy Controls

The latest version of Android focus on privacy very seriously, and the new version brings a privacy section within the settings and it includes a various option such as activity controls, location history, and more. It also provides an option for when a user needs to grant an application for the location permission. There’s also a Scooped Storage which will give the user to control over the application which can access the external storage. Moreover, you can block unwanted app launches in the background and the latest version also bring some new feature which will restrict the tracking.

Dark Mode

It is one of the most needful and demanded features, and the developers of Android finally brings system-wide support for the dark mode. This thing will definitely help to reduce the eye strain and it will also save battery consumption.

Location Controls

The latest Android 10 brings more control over the location and that will allow users to control how the apps can access the location of the device. The new version of the operating system will offer more granular options like grant access all the time, never, or only when the app is open.

Focus Mode

Its a new option for the Digital Wellbeing initiative, this feature will allow users to silence the applications which distract. The new mode can be enabled and disable quickly through the Quick Tiles.

Live Caption

This is one of the cool addition in Android 10, and it will help those who can’t hear. As the Live Caption is a completely based on-device captioning tool and it will allow the OS to provide captions for the audio messages, videos, podcasts, and more, across any app.

Better Notifications

With the latest version of Android, the company has classified the notifications in two categories – Priority and Gentle. The first one will make sound and show the notification on the status bar and on the lock screen, but the latter one will always be silent and it can be visible in the pull-down notifications shade. Moreover, the latest version also brings in new Bubble notifications which is similar to the Chat Heads which offers some messaging applications. The new Bubbles will allow users to quickly multitask during the ongoing conversation and floating icons will pop-up on the screen for the chat notifications.

Smart Reply and Actions

As the name suggests, this will allow users to send the smart replies and actions, it offers system provided smart replies and actions which are directly into the notifications by default. Moreover, the developers of the applications can also able to provide their own set of replies and actions.

Gesture Navigation

The new Android 10 also introduced the new gesture navigation mode and it ditches the navigation bar. This offers an extended visibility area on the screen, in other words, it will give more full screen experience. You can access the Back, Home, and Recents with edge swipes rather than visible buttons.

Foldable Display Support

Well, this year is totally dedicated for the foldable devices, we witnessed for lots of concepts and showcases of various brands at the recently concluded MWC 2019. Furthermore, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung and Chinese brand Huawei also unveiled the foldable devices at the event. Now Google has supports the foldable set up with the latest version of Android build various areas such as dual resolution conversation, multi-display typing and more.

Other features of the latest version of Android also include improved Family Link, Sound Amplifier, as well as improved security updates.

Availability of Android 10

The latest version of the Android operating system will available on all the generation of Google Pixel smartphones and it will arrive via OTA. Having said that, if you can’t wait for the OTA update then you can download the files and sideload once downloaded into your device. You can download the update files by heading over the link.

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