Google Hire Debuts On Play Store

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The Google Hire was launched in the early days of last year, and it’s the solution to give the better streamline the hiring process for the various companies. Well, now the Mountain View company Google brings the application of the platform and published on the Google Play Store.

The Google Hire app is associated with the company’s the G Suite, and with this, medium and small sized businesses can able to hire people with a really easy and fast process. Having said that, the company published the application on Google Play Store but it is labeled as “Unreleased.” However, if you do not belong to the Hire program then the app will not be useful for you.

Well, if you want to get into that program, then you need to request a demo from Google and after that, you have to get an invite for the program. So, this is a clear indication that Google now wants to give a head to head competition with other having platforms such as LinkedIn and many more.

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