Google Duo Receives Multi-Device Support

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Google Duo, the search engine giant Google’s offering for the video calling. The app was launched in 2016, and the application introduced with some unique feature like knock-knock. This feature gives a preview to you before your near and dear ones attend the call. Well, today the developers of the Google Duo updated and it allows you to sign-in multiple devices.

If you are a person who uses Google Duo to connect with your near and dear ones, then the new addition will bring a huge smile to your face. As with the latest update, you can able to use the application on your smartphone and tablet simultaneously. A huge relief, isn’t???

How Google Duo works on multi-device

To use Duo on multiple devices you need to use the same Google account on both devices, which means if your Google account is connected to the secondary device, then you can use the same Duo profile on your smartphone and tablet.

User experience on multi-devices

The app offers a similar experience on both the primary and secondary device, but there’s one notable difference and that can be found on the secondary device. As it will allow you to delete your account or simply sign out to sign in with a different account. However, the primary device only has the option to delete the account.

Personally speaking, the multi-device support is really a great addition. As in some situation, when you chatting on your primary device and suddenly you see the notification of the low battery, at that the time, you can able to use the secondary device to keep the talks on.

So, head to the Google Play Store and update Google Duo. Then chat with your dear and ones from the device which gives you more comfort. And don’t forget to share your thoughts about the multi-device support in the comments section below!

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