Google Announces Guidelines for Notches

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After introducing three new “notch modes” on devices in the Android P beta, Google has announced guidelines for notches which help device makers and app developers alike. This was announced yesterday on the Android Developer Blog.

It was necessary that Google lay down certain principles regarding the positioning of notches in devices, because if it was left uncontrolled, we would have seen devices with notches on sides of the screen or so. This will also help to provide “a consistently great experience across devices with one or two display cutouts, as well as devices with 18:9 and larger aspect ratios.” The new news might bring worries to those who have expected Display Holes on devices like reported earlier this month.

This also makes it easy for developers as it won’t conflict with the software rules built for Android Developers. Developers can simulate these cutouts in their apps using the Android P SDK. As of now, Google supports Corner Display Cutout, Double Display Cutout and Tail Display Cutout.


Android P is expected to come out on the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on August this year. Pixel 3 XL is reported to have a notch like that on the iPhone X and OnePlus 6 whereas the Pixel 3 would be notch-less.

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