Display Hole Might Soon Replace the Notch on Smartphones

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Let’s face it, notches aren’t a great addition to a phone. Sure, you may get used to it after a while but don’t let that forget the fact that they make your phone look ugly. New leaks reported by ET News claims that Huawei is working on a display hole to house the front facing camera.

Display Hole Might Soon Replace the Notch on Smartphones
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The new leaks claim that Huawei will release a new device with a 6.9-inch screen which has a notch like hole in its display which will hold the front facing camera. This is similar to the Essential Phone which has a small notch on the display that houses the camera. The new technology houses the camera within the display itself, so the display would essentially cover the camera. The diagrams on ET News also claims that the new device will have speakers and sensors squeezed on top of the display. Although this may not save us from the notch-revolution that we see, it is a positive step towards the completely bezel-less phone that we could see in the future.

Notches were made popular by the iPhone X and then implemented on many flagship smartphones from Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and the likes and the new Pixel 3 XL is also rumored to have a notch to house the front camera and the sensors.

Although there aren’t any details on which Huawei device will have this technology, or if this is just a concept after all, a look at an earlier leak on Gadgety shows that a new Huawei Mate Pro and Mate Lite are supposed to come out on Q4 2018, same as that reported on the leak so a premium flagship would be the likely choice.

A display hole is an interesting way to increase screen-to-body ratio without resorting to measures like an elevating camera or a popup camera that we saw on the Vivo NEX or the Oppo Find X and it looks like we’ll have to do with this until new technology has been developed which would allow the camera to be placed under the display.

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