Developer Preview Of Android 11 Is Out

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Developer Preview Of Android 11 Is Out

Earlier than its usual timeline, the Mountain View company Google has rolled out the first developer preview of the next-generation mobile operating system – Android 11. It gives us complete details and the things which we can expect in the final version of the operating system. So, without wasting any further time let’s check out the complete details of the first developer preview of the upcoming Android operating system.

Everything about Android 11 Developer Preview 1

It is not for general users and it is for the developers and those who want to try out it and the same will also come with lots of bugs as well as the same will not provide a stable performance. However, it is an opportunity to get a glimpse of the features which we will get in the final version of the operating system. Google will roll out the final version of Android 11 later this year and before that, we will witness many developer previews and more explanations about the same at the upcoming Google I/O 2020 event. So, let’s check out the new features of the first developer preview of the upcoming Android 11.


5G is going to rule the entire world and Google upgrades the connectivity options in Android 11, with the new 5G APIs, it will help developers to take advantage of the improved speed and the latency. Moreover, it will also allow developers to check whether a connection is unmetered. It also brings a bandwidth estimator and now improves the call streaming service along with Wi-Fi suggestion API enhancements, and Passpoint enhancements.

Added New Screens

The Punch hole and waterfall screens are now supported in Android and that means OEMs don’t need to do the extra work of adding in support. The new implementations will allow apps to manage the cutouts of the screens using the existing display cutout APIs.


The developers of Android once again worked hard in the notifications section, and this time the company brings a dedicated conversation section in the Notification Shade and this will make a bubble on the display to keep conversations in view and accessible, something similar to the Facebook Messenger’s chat heads and it was also appeared in a rumour.

Android 11 will also allow users to add an image into notification replies, if an application supports the copy and paste of the image feature. This means there’s no need to open an application to forward a particular photo and if WhatsApp brings this kind of feature then it will be handy to forward a photo even without opening that particular messenger.

Privacy and Permissions

Privacy is the most important factor on any platform and Google understands that and brings a new setup in the upcoming Android 11, as the company implements one-time permission for location along with the use of the microphone as well as the camera. Moreover, later this year all the applications of Google Play Store will be allowed to ask location data in the background with the permission of Google only.

In terms of the permissions, Google will not allow the repeated request for permissions in a particular permission group, if you deny twice for specific permission then the system will understand the same and it will never pop up in front of you.


If you remember in the development stage of Android 10, Google implemented a native screen recording feature but later the same functionality was removed. But the developers of Android 11 brings back the feature and it is now working perfectly, Google also improves the dark mode feature in the latest developer preview of the upcoming Android 11 and it this time it will automatically switch on and off the dark mode and the same will be based on the time of a day which means after the sunset the system will automatically enable dark mode.

It also adds a new Neural Networks API which will expand the operations and controls available to developers, and the same also brings a bunch of improvements to security. The developers build also adds new processes and tools to minimize the impact of platform updates on their apps. Now the operating system allows applications to use a new API to mute vibration from ringtones, alarms, or notifications. That’s not all, it brings a camera capture session is active, and metadata tags allow for bokeh modes on camera capture requests on the devices that support it.

How to download

You can download the full factory images of the first developer preview of Android 11 by heading over the link and the OTA files can be downloaded by clicking here. Speaking about the compatibility, it is supported only for the Pixel devices but not for the first generation Pixel smartphones.


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