At CES 2022, Samsung displayed its Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note and Flex Slidable smartphones

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While companies like Motorola, Oppo, and Huawei have tried their hand at foldable technology in the past, they have yet to catch up to Samsung’s predictions. Samsung unveiled a number of new foldable goods at CES 2022, including the Samsung Flex S foldable, Flex G foldable, Flex Note, and the Flex Slidable.

The “S” and “G” foldable phones from Samsung were on display at the event. 


The Flex S

The Flex S fold is exactly what it sounds like; the enormous screen opens out to become a gigantic tablet, and it folds in 3 dimensions. When unfurled, it forms the shape of the letter S.

The Flex G

The Flex G, on the other hand, is an inward folding gadget. It folds in three directions again, however unlike the Flex S, it may be folded in such a way that the screen remains hidden. The S fold design appears to be preferable for large-screen devices, but the G fold is suitable for both small and large displays.

The Flex Note

When it comes to the Samsung Flex Note, it’s not like any other Galaxy Note phone. This is Samsung’s version of foldable notebooks and laptops.

The Flex Note is a two-way folding device with a huge screen. It will appear to be a laptop, but without a keyboard; however, you can utilise the remainder of the screen as a keyboard. It can be used as a drawing pad or a timeline in video editing software, in addition to being a keyboard.

The Flex Slidable

The Flex Slidable is similar to Oppo’s X 2021 in that it offers larger screen space and more usable space. Samsung discloses that the Flex Slidable’s display can be slid out and used as a sidebar for accessing apps right from the home screen with the push of a button.


While this foldable technology appears to be pretty exciting, its implementation may take some time.

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